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Current BBC Bursary Camera Operator
Available from the beginning of 2023

I am an extremely versatile camera operator with a wide range of skills applicable to blue chip natural history productions.

My main skills include long lens, underwater and macro/motion control setups. I am also a fully licensed CAA drone pilot to help supplement my primary skills. I like to maintain a diverse skills set as I believe improving in one area of camera work helps develop new and innovative techniques in other areas.  


My career has taken me all over the world to some of the most inhospitable places.  I have worked in the jungles of Asia, South America and Africa, the frozen landscapes of Greenland and Russia and in several of the Worlds oceans.  I relish the mental and physical challenges of different shoots whether it is keeping up with a troop of Chimps on the move or coming up with a new camera setup to capture an event in a never before seen way.  When a studio shoot is required to capture a behaviour, I have extensive skills in set design and lighting having worked across Tiny World and The Green Planet. 


I am very familiar with the latest technology and like to innovate when possible. For me capturing character and emotive reactions in subjects is an extremely important aspect of film making and I like to keep an eye out for cutaways which will add to the emotional power of a sequence. 

Please feel free to drop me an email whenever to talk about any crazy ideas you might have. I am always up for a challenge.

  • HSE commercial diver (>1000 dives)

  • Qualified rebreather diver and owner of an AP Inspiration (>400 hours)

  • CAA licensed drone pilot

  • Diver coxwain license. Allowed to drive a RIB up to 10m in length around divers.

  • Qualified 02 provider.

  • B.Sc Zoology and M.Res Animal Behaviour

  • Full UK drivers license.

  • Sachtler Flowtech Legs with Video 18 Fluid Head

  • Tilta Nucleus Nano Follow Focus

  • Nikon 70 - 180mm Macro lens

  • Canon 100mm Macro lens

  • Canon 16-36mm M2 lens

  • Canon 24-105mm lens

  • Canon 70-200mm lens

  • Canon 2x extender

  • AP Inspiration rebreather

  • Ronford Baker F4 Head (Marinised)


Tel: +44 (0) 7847 216 099     |     Email:

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